Aboriginal Tourism Award

Manito Ahbee Festival

Manito Ahbee Festival Inc was recognized for its annual festival that showcases a wide range of Aboriginal music, art and culture from across Canada, the United States and internationally.

Aspiring Youth

Steve Langston
Steve Langston was recognized for his passion for the province and telling the Manitoba story. As the owner/operator of Dirty T-Shirt productions, Steve produces videos and web-sites for a wide array of tourism organizations and events.

Winnipeg Airports Authority Award of Distinction

Doug Webber

Doug Webber was recognized for playing an integral role in the development of the Manitoba hunting and fishing product inventory for the past 45 years. Doug has set industry benchmarks for service and quality and has always been focused on continuous improvement of his products and facilities.

Event of the Year

Winnipeg Folk Festival & Folklorama
Two outstanding winners in the new Event of the Year category. Winnipeg Folk Festival was recognized for it's multi-generational musical festival that for the last 35 plus years, has encapsulated the organizations values of inclusiveness, artistic excellence, creative expression and commitment to community. As well, Folklorama was recognized for being the largest and longest-running multicultural festival of its kind in the world. What began in 1970 as a one-time celebration with 7,500 attendees now runs for 14 days and in 2011 enjoyed over 230, 000 visits.

Community Innovation

City of Winkler

A special award presentation was made to the City of Winkler, the Community Innovation Award, for hosting the legendary Beach Boys outdoor concert. With a promotional budget of $1500 and an excellent media relations campaign, the event drew over 2500 attendees from the surrounding area, Winnipeg and over 500 from the US.

Marketing Excellence

Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre
Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre was recognized for increasing awareness about the importance of wetlands and the programming being offered at the centre through a variety of different marketing initiatives.


Leigh Cochrane Memorial Visitors Centre/Fisher River Cree Nation

Leigh Cochrane Memorial Visitors Centre/Fisher River Cree Nation was recognized for an innovative partnership that showcases the Fisher River community's unique history and relationship with the land, fostering an environment where the Fisher Community is viewed as a favourable destination for visitation, investment and business development.

Product Development

Adrenaline Adventures
Adrenaline Adventures was recognized for the introducing a new, year round outdoor adventure park. The influx of visitors to the park has directly benefited other tourism providers including hotels, car rental companies and additionally, food and beverage establishments.

Service Excellence

Goldwing Ambassadors - Winnipeg Airports Authority

Goldwing Ambassadors - Winnipeg Airports Authority was recognized for providing assistance to passengers and other airport visitors as well as helping to create a positive impression of Winnipeg through this volunteer run program.

Sustainable Tourism

Churchill Northern Studies Centre
Churchill Northern Studies Centre was recognized for providing opportunities in educational tourism for the general public over and above their core mandate of providing logistical services to scientific researchers. Visitors to the centre can experience firsthand the tremendous diversity of plants, birds, mammals and human cultures that the area has to offer due to the extensive work the centre has undertaken over the last 35 years.

Volunteer of the Year

Tim Lewis

Tim Lewis was recognized for his commitment to Manitoba's only professional rodeo, the Manitoba Stampede. Among his many roles, Tim has served with the Manitoba Stampede & Exhibition for over 35 years. Tim has been instrumental in fundraising, rodeo coordination, public relations and sponsor sales management. Tim also developed and implemented policies and procedures as well as a constitution to ensure the event was always a top quality success.